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MathBet™ Ultimate Arbitrage Tool

Comprehensive, easy-to-use tool for sports arbitrage professionals

   - Powerful arb-finding engine
   - Thousands of arbs every day
   - Cross-market arbs combining 100+ markets
   - Application auto updater
   - Lightning fast, customizable filters
   - MathBet Browser with auto login, auto navigate and auto betslip functionalities
   - Advanced calculator featuring stake rounding and force outcome

Main form

  - FILTER BAR in the upper section of the main window enables quick selection of arbs by every relevant parameter: favorite arbs (checkbox), deleted arbs (checkbox), sport (dropdown list), event (textual search), scheduled start time (drop-down list), league/competition (textual search), profit percentage (num. boxes), middles* (checkbox), number of included bets (“up to” box); there’s also the Reset filter field at the beginning of the strip for quick reset of filters.

Filter strip

BOOKIE FILTER lets you choose arbs from preferred bookies, ones that are the most reliable or those you have opened account at. Also, there is a quick way to memorize your selection by creating a custom filter preset that you will be able to call for in the future. Simply check the bookies you want and click the Save filter icon . A pop-up window occurs asking you to enter a desired profit percentage, max. number of included bets in an arb, a custom filter name, and that’s it! Filter preset will appear on the drop-down list at the top of the Bookie Filter section.

Few words about a bookie status: By default, all bookmakers are at "can include" status (indicated by Can Include), which means that the arbs in the Arb grid can include odds from any of them. Tick a box beside any of the bookies and it becomes empty, thus changes a status to "exclude” odds from this site. After that, none of the arbs from the Arb grid incorporates odds from that bookmaker. Tick again that empty box and it activates the "must include" status for that bookmaker (indicated by Must Include), and every single arb you see after that in the Arb grid will include odds from this site.

Bookie filter

  - ARB GRID displays a list of all active arbs with some basic information about them (time of play, minimal profit, is it a middle or not, number of single bets included).
To see detailed arb description with in-depth explanation, you just need to click on the magnifier icon at the beginning of a particular row, or double-click an event name itself.

Arb window

Arb Details window

After clicking the magnifier icon, a new window will appear explaining in detail all characteristics of the arb.

Arb details

Below the event title, scheduled time of play and profit, there is a table with all the info you need:

- the first row (Bet) gives the bet types and bets as defined by MathBet,
- the second row (Bookmakers) shows the bookmakers involved in the arb; the bookmakers’ logos are displayed in form of a drop-down list, in case there are several bookmakers offering the same odds, when you can choose a particular bookmaker without changing the arb profit.

More details

- the third row (links) to the bookmakers’ sites. You can either follow the links in this row to bookmakers’ sites or open all sites involved in the arb in a single window by clicking the Open all button. The sites are shown in browser’s different tabs, each of them containing the MathBet information bar, which allows quick comparison between our data and the relevant ones on bookie sites.

Mathbet browser

When it comes to arbing, every single second is precious! MathBet logs you automatically on every bookie’s site involved. In order to do that, the application initially needs your login data for every online sportsbook you use. Click the Options menu at the top of MathBet main window and open the Login data tab.

Login data

There you can fill in required username and password fields beside every respective bookmaker’s web site, indicated by a logo. After that, you are automatically logged on whenever you access a sportsbook’s web site through MathBet Browser. MathBet Browser leads you directly to the web page where a relevant bet is offered. So, when in the Arb Details window, and you get an arb info like this:

Arb details example

by clicking the OpenAll button you go straight to targeted bets on those sites, without wondering around and losing precious time:

Browser window

And not only MathBet Browser navigates you directly to the relevant web pages where bets are found, it also leads you to bookmakers’ betslip forms in one click. That is, when the auto navigating process is finished, the “Arb is OK” notification appears in the upper right corner of MathBet Browser window. Next to it you can find green Place Bets button that leads you to betslip form on every included bookmaker’s web site.

Browser window header

- the fourth row (Odds) shows the bookmakers’ odds for the event,
- the fifth row (Stake) features the Mathbet Advanced Calculator that shows the stakes you should place at each bookmaker. Total stake is 100 by default, but you can enter any amount of money. Also, you may choose for stakes to be automatically rounded, or even customize every single wager independently. The calculator immediately shows the distribution of total stake in such a way that you will win the profit showed in percentage (displayed above the table and in the last right-hand column in the lower section), no matter how the event ends.


Beside defining Total stake amount which then distributes precise stake sum for every included bet, you have an option to set a wager amount for one particular bookie, and calculator automatically tells you how much money is needed to be placed at all the other bookmakers involved, in order to sustain an arb and secure profit. Another very important calculator’s feature is automatic stake rounding. By placing a decimal stake at bookie’s box office, you almost certainly reveal yourself as an arber, and that is something you’d definitely want to avoid. We give you a neat tool that allows stake rounding to the nearest whole number, even in user definable steps of 1, 5 and 10. You can customize rounding criteria using the dropdown list at the end of the Stake row in Arb Details window.

Force an outcome - unique extension of Mathbet’s advanced calculator meant to give your arbing some adrenaline boost. By default, a standard calculating method offers an evenly distributed profit among bookies, but here is the tool that enables you to maximize a profit on an outcome you believe in most. Just click a checkbox that corresponds to a respective bet row and you will see how a profit rate for that particular bet reaches its upper limit, without a possibility of loss, whatsoever. In other words, try your luck even if you cannot lose! Force outcome

The section at the bottom of the Arb Details window (Explanation) shows your winnings for each possible outcome of the event. Some arbs, however, are not so easy to explain. In those cases, before an explanation table is displayed, you are asked to enter half-time and/or full time result (random entry, based on your assumption of a possible outcome) and click the Explain button in order to see the arb explanation. The strip with this request looks like this:

Force outcome

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Max active arb: 25.64%

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