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Terms of Use

  • By browsing, accessing and using this site ( and the related software (MathBet – Ultimate Arbitrage Tool), you (“the User”) agree to the following terms of use.

  • Although Mathbet is always trying to provide up-to-the-minute and accurate betting information, the User takes responsibility for eventual loss and damages.

  • Everything that is presented on the website should be considered as information, not as advice. The User is fully responsible for checking and using all the information.

  • The User must be aware that there are risks involved with every sports betting transaction, and the Provider does not guarantee winnings from presented odds, handicaps, links, start times and any other information presented either on the website or by the software.

  • Potential palpable errors will be displayed by our service. These bets may be voided at any given time by the bookmakers that have created them. Please double-check the bets before wagering in case the odds have changed in the meantime or there has been a scanning error. The User must also be aware that bookmakers have different rules on various sports, which may result in voided bets and loss of stake.

  • Mathbet has no responsibility for bets placed or other actions taken at bookmakers' web sites. It is the responsibility of the User to comply with the bookmakers' terms and conditions, and the laws and regulations in their respective countries regarding gambling and sports betting.

  • The User may not sell, or pass on in any way, to any third party, any information supplied by the Provider. The information given by the Provider can only be used to place bets with established bookmakers or betting exchanges by the User.

  • A breach of this agreement will lead to an immediate termination of subscription and possible legal action. The Provider reserves the right to immediately terminate your use of, or access to, the Service at any time without prior notice and without refund if the Provider decides at its sole discretion that you have breached the Terms of Use or you have engaged in conduct that the Provider considers to be inappropriate or unacceptable.

  • The terms are subject to change without prior notice at the discretion of Mathbet.

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