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On the Subscription page, enter invitation code PROMO2012 to become active fallowing prices:
  • One year subscription 479 € 799 €     (only 39.9 € per month)
  • Six months subscription 321 € 429 €     (only 53.5 € per month)
  • One month subscription 89 €
  • One day subscription 12 €

Whats new in MathBet 1.7?

The latest version of MathBet Ultimate Arbitrage Tool brings many exciting, widely sought-after features:
  • Auto Login – When it comes to arbing, every single second is precious! From now on, MathBet logs you automatically at every bookie’s site involved.
    In order to do that, the application initially needs your login data for every online sportsbook you use. Click the Options menu at the top of MathBet main window and open the Login data tab.

    Login data

    There you can fill in required username and password fields beside every respective bookmaker’s web site, indicated by a logo. After that, you are automatically logged on whenever you access a sportsbook’s web site through MathBet Browser. Important thing to know is that this confidential info is accessible only by you and is stored on your local machine. Though it is encrypted, we strongly recommend that you gain full control over your PC and that no other person can access it without your strict approval. Also, do not try to store your login data on public computers, shared platforms etc.

  • Auto Navigate – The MathBet Browser leads you directly to the web page where a relevant bet is offered. So, when in the Arb Details window, and you get an arb info like this:

    Arb details

    by clicking the OpenAll button you go straight to targeted bets on those sites, without wondering around and losing precious time:

    Browser window

  • Auto BetSlip – Not only that MathBet Browser navigates you directly to the relevant web pages where bets are found, it also leads you to bookmakers’ betslip forms in one click. That is, when the auto navigating process is finished, the “Arb is OK” notification appears in the upper right corner of MathBet Browser window. Next to it you can find green Place Bets button that leads you to betslip form on every included bookmaker’s web site.

    Browser window header

  • Significantly improved odds’ accuracy – We have made some major software improvements that deal with odds collecting, so that “arb expired” annoyance should no longer be an issue.

  • Automatic Stake Rounding – The MathBet calculator got more flexible, now you may choose for stakes to be automatically rounded, or even customize every single wager independently.


    Starting from version 1.7 of MathBet Ultimate Arbitrage Tool, beside defining Total stake amount which then distributes precise stake sum for every included bet, now you have an option to set a wager amount for one particular bookie, and calculator automatically tells you how much money do you need to place at all the other bookmakers involved, in order to sustain an arb and secure profit. But the main improvement is automatic stake rounding feature. By placing a decimal stake at bookie’s box office, you almost certainly reveal yourself as an arber, and that is something you’d definitely want to avoid. Now we give you a neat tool that allows stake rounding to the nearest whole number, even in user definable steps of 1, 5 and 10. You can customize rounding criteria using the dropdown list at the end of the Stake row in Arb Details window.
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Max active arb: 32.32%

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